Terms and Conditions

All services offered are done in strict accordance with the code of practice laid down by C.I.A.T.


We able to confirm that we have professional indemnity insurance to cover our design work. If you are getting quotes from other architectural practices or Architects please ensure that they have professional indemnity insurance to cover their design work for your peace of mind.


Our terms are payment on presentation of invoice, not when any subsequent application is determined. The quoted fees include for one copy of the drawings for your approval and information and prints for both planning and building regulation submissions as required. The fees quoted also include for any necessary record photographs.




The copyright in all designs, drawings, reports, models, specifications, bills of quantities, calculations and any such other documents prepared by Hertford Planning Service (HPS) ('the Documents') shall remain vested in HPS unless otherwise agreed, in writing. However, subject to HPS having received payment of any fees properly due and owing, HPS grants a license to the client to copy and use the Documents, excluding AutoCAD formatted files, for the agreed project only (but excluding any extension of the project) so as to allow for the efficient execution of the works.

HPS shall not be liable for any use of the Documents for any purpose other than that for which the same were prepared by HPS.


Planning and Building Regulation Approval

It is always recommended that building works are NOT commenced on site until planning and building regulation approvals have been granted (including the discharge of planning conditions). Any works started prior to all approvals being granted, including those which may require you or your contractor to apply for, are undertaken at the property/site owner’s risk.


Client Responsibilities


It is for the client, on advice, to appoint consultants, specialist contractors or subcontractors and suppliers, and ensure they are indemnified. HPS is not responsible for the quality of the work and performance of these consultants, specialist contractors or subcontractors and suppliers, or payment of their fees unless otherwise agreed in writing.


Time Over-runs


HPS is not responsible for managing the builder’s programme of works, nor for organising the work on site – responsibility rests with the builder/contractor, including the responsibility to notify expected problems. HPS is however in a position to advise the client on the circumstances and if those are reasonable may, on the client’s behalf and if acting as contract administrator, award extensions of time. Such work which is beyond the architect’s control may result in additional fees.


Statutory Approvals and Contract Administration


Planning permission and Building Regulations approval


HPS cannot guarantee that planning permission and/or Building Regulations approval will be granted because these decisions rest with the local authority. When engaged to submit an application, HPS will consider any local authority guidelines and statutory requirements so it has the best chance of success. Sometimes exemptions to guidelines and similar provisions will have to be negotiated to achieve the best design solution for the project. The client will generally be responsible for providing the architect with accurate information about site boundaries, access and ownership rights.


Planning permission – for the design:



Building Regulations Approval – permission to build 


Other Consultants


HPS is not responsible for the work undertaken by any other consultant (such as a structural engineer) engaged on the project. Other consultants will usually be engaged directly by the client and fees should be paid directly to them. HPS may agree to engage consultants on the client’s behalf. In this arrangement the other consultants are sub-consultants of the HPS and responsible to them rather than the client direct. They are paid by the HPS, whose fees will reflect this.


Ownership, Restrictive Covenants and Public Sewers/Drains


Prior to engaging any design services please ensure that you are in possession of the full facts in terms of ownership of your property and or site, including any restrictive covenants and the position of any public sewers or drains which cross or pass close to your property/site. Please check your deeds as necessary; we are guided by your instruction with respect to the ownership of your property.